10th District Schedule of Events


September 2019

Sept. 4-7

Northwest Annual Conference
(Anderson Chapel AME, Host Church)
Killeen, Texas
Ordination preacher - Bishop Stafford Wicker

Sept. 18-21

North Texas Annual Conference
(Bethel, Host Church)
Dallas, Texas
Ordination Preacher - Bishop John White

October 2019

Oct. 2-5

Southwest Texas Annual Conference
(Bethel/ Emmanuel, Host Churches)
San Antonio, Texas
Ordination Preacher - Bishop Clement W. Fugh

Oct. 6

Supervisor McKenzie’s Birthday

Oct. 16-19

Texas Annual Conference
(Wesley AME Church, Host Church)
Houston, Texas
Ordination Preacher - Bishop Michael Mitchell

November 2019

Nov. 7-9

10th District Planning Meeting
Dallas, Texas
Bishop Ronnie Brailsford, Opening Night preaching

Nov. 21-23

SELAH Leadership Encounter
Dallas, Texas

December 2019

Dec. 16-31

District Office Closed

July 2020

July 8 -15, 2020

51st Quadrennial Session of the General Conference
of the African Methodist Episcopal Church

Orlando, Florida
Bishop Ronnie Brailsford - Opening Night preaching
Bishop John White - General Conference Commission Chair
Bishop Adam J. Richardson - Host Bishop
Bishop Vashti M. McKenzie - General Conference Program Chair
Dr. Richard A. Lewis - Chief Financial Officer